Our Mission

Push individual wellness
to the center of healthcare

It's a push that bears considerable weight.

A mission that matters

The allopathic healthcare system is built to treat symptoms swiftly and efficiently. When there’s an emergency or a patient in need of acute care, conventional medicine springs into action and saves lives. But the system’s strong reflexes for acute care give way to its weakness in prevention. Now North Americans are becoming increasingly unwell and many go untreated by a healthcare system bogged down by urgent cases that could have been prevented by simple lifestyle changes or an integrated plan to address the root cause. We believe that the North American healthcare system needs to change to support individuals through their entire wellness journey, instead of just when things get really rough. Integrative and functional medicine are movements that can make this a reality, but evolving healthcare is like pushing a boulder up a mountain. It takes an army of believers all pushing in the same direction to get to the summit. So we’re taking the hassle out of integrative medicine, pushing alongside those individuals who want to see a change in healthcare. We’re pushing for healthcare that puts the patient in the driver’s seat. We’re pushing for wellness that is affordable and achievable and available to all. This is our mission. It drives everything we do. We’ve got a long way to go, but every little push takes us closer to our vision of wellness fulfilled.

This has never been just about supplements

NPFS was born of a vision shared by a group of people disconnected by geography but connected in their passion for wellness.


Natural Partners is born

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

After a number of years as an original officer building the PetSmart business, Tye Smith’s health had suffered. He visited a number of conventional medical specialists who failed to address his health concerns. So he sought help from Dr. Helene Weschler, an integrative practitioner. Dr. Weschler had a small selection of supplements in her practice and helped her patients choose premium quality supplements to support their health goals. Tye wondered why all health care professionals were not doing this and, calling upon his previous experience, created a convenient system for practitioners to access professional grade supplements to dispense to their patients. Thus, with the assistance of his wife Dianna, several of the old Petsmart team and some very loyal and patient investors, Natural Partners was born. Beginning in 1995 with two Doctors, Natural Partners grew substantially, from a regional supplier carrying a couple dozen brands to a national player carrying hundreds of practitioner-trusted brands and serving doctors in every state in the US.

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Fullscript is born

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Alanna Dyment, ND, was coming to terms with the challenges of setting up her naturopathic clinic. She was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans and wrestling with the massive hassle and investment that came along with stocking and managing a supplement dispensary. She mentioned to her husband, Brad Dyment, a web designer by trade, that she wished there was a way to spend less time managing her business and more time treating patients. Brad and his business partner, Kyle Braatz, had been looking for an idea that would ignite their next venture. Together they had built two non-profits and a successful video and web production company. They were ready to move on to something bigger – to tackle a problem so significant that they could spend the rest of their careers solving it. Inspired by Alanna, they decided to build a business that would make it easier for integrative practitioners to dispense wellness, and easier for patients to access integrative care. They partnered with a third co-founder, Chris Wise, to take the first step in their mission. Shortly thereafter, the first online supplement dispensing platform was born. Today, practitioners and patients across North America know that platform as Fullscript.

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Together, as NPFS

The leaders of Natural Partners and Fullscript realized that they share the same vision for healthcare – a vision of wellness fulfilled. Together we are stronger and more equipped to leave a lasting mark on the world via technology, products, community, and education.

“This has never been just about supplements. It has always been about the evolution of medicine. It has always been about helping practitioners provide better care, and most importantly, helping patients commit to wellness.”

- Kyle Braatz

Inspiring our team to do their best work

A look at the NPFS leadership team.

Fran Towey Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Fran Towey is responsible for overall strategy and growth of NPFS. Fran joined the company in September 2014 and led the company through multiple years of successive growth. Under Fran’s leadership the company received a number of industry accolades including NDNR, 2017 Physician’s Choice Award, Award Winning Platform for NP Script. Prior to Natural Partners Fullscript, Fran served as president and CEO of a leading private equity owned company in the professional health and wellness industry, and served in various roles with Fisher Scientific and Thomas and Betts. Fran earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and an Executive MBA from Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis. He sits on the board of trustees for the PKD Foundation.

Kyle Braatz President & Chief Revenue Officer

As President, Kyle Braatz focuses on growth and commercialization at NPFS. Kyle co-founded Fullscript in 2011 and led the company through massive growth as CEO before merging with Natural Partners in 2018. Under Kyle’s leadership, Fullscript was named Fastest Growing Company in Ottawa 2 years in a row. Kyle has been awarded Canada’s Top 40 under 40, Ottawa’s top 40 under 40, and both the Young Achiever Award and the Alterna Social Responsibility Award from the University of Ottawa. He sits on the board of Natural Partners Fullscript, Simple Story Videos, and the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre.

Brad Dyment Chief Product Officer

Brad leads the growth and development of our digital products (Fullscript and Natural Partners). Brad, a Fullscript co-founder, found inspiration for the company’s first product when his wife, a Naturopathic Doctor, shared the challenges of starting a clinic. Brad’s understanding of and appreciation for the Integrative Medicine community pairs with his education and experience in web development to make him uniquely suited as the leader of the NPFS product roadmap and user experience. Prior to Fullscript, Brad founded several companies including Simple Story Videos. Brad received Ottawa’s 40 under 40 at the age of 27.

Peter Hunter Chief Financial Officer

Peter brings exceptional business experience to the NPFS team, having worked with many early-stage companies. Most recently, Peter was COO/CFO of Privacy Analytics Inc., a software-as-a-service company focused on global privacy standards in the healthcare field, which was successfully exited to IMS Healthcare (now QuintilesIMS (NYSE:Q)). Peter also contributed to the success of Skywave Mobile (exited to Orbcomm), Nimcat Networks (exited to Avaya), Metconnex (sold to JDSU), TenXc Wireless (exited to CCI Inc.), Toon Boom Animation, and Trialstat. He has raised in excess of $150M in equity capital and made substantial contributions to the success of these organizations through various executive leadership functions.

Tim Engvall Chief Operations Officer

Tim joined Natural Partners in 1996 as the VP of Merchandising. He later became the VP of Sales and then Chief Operations Officer, his current role. Tim leads the Merchandising, purchasing, and distribution teams. Tim’s previous work at Petsmart prepared him to become one of Natural Partners’ earliest leaders, and he has worked diligently for over two decades to build the company through supplier relationships, distribution and logistics management.